Handmade Leather Bag Styles for Summer

Those endless summer days and nights require the appropriate accessory. Handmade leather bags are just as much in season now as they are during winter months. It’s a true classic, your go-to bag for your every need that you simply grab and go without thinking.

But how do you pick a leather bag that will take you through the summer season in style? Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for you!

 - Think about size

The heat of summer can bog you down enough. To stay afloat, choose a slightly smaller style bag that will be less weighty. For this reason, a cross body bag will be a smart choice, especially when you’re busy. The Laurel Bag is an excellent option because it is lightweight and can be carried or worn in a cross-body style.

Handmade Laurel Leather Shoulder, Cross Body Bag

- Versatility from day into night

Summer festivals and events can have you out from day until late at night. Watching the sun set is a beautiful way to end a summer day and kick off more fun under the stars. For a leather bag you can grab and go all day and night with, the Morellino Bag will be your perfect choice. Its beautiful stitching and tassel accents give it that fun and carefree vibe that works for any hour of the day.

Morellino Handmade Leather Shoulder Bag


- Travel in summer style

Wherever you go this summer, near or far, day or night, you need a handmade leather handbag that can fit the essential things you need. Your money, cards, phone, lipstick, and other must-have items can all be tucked into the Cavallini Bag with its supple sheen, an elegant way to make a statement. The Juniper Bag features multiple ways to wear it so you can change it up throughout your travels without having to switch bags and possibly leave something important behind.


Juniper Handmade Leather Shoulder Purse Bag

- Don’t forget about colour

While size and carrying style are important factors for choosing a summer leather handbag, don’t forget that colour plays a role too. Lighter leather options freshen up your summer wardrobe. If you want something that can work with all sorts of colours and styles, go for a mocha tan leather, great for keeping neutral.


Marmara Handmade Leather Shoulder Satchel Cross Body Bag

Looking for something a little different that fits summer style? Go for a slate grey. And if you want to shine on with bold hues that get you noticed or add a pop of contrast to your ensemble, citrus green will be your main squeeze.

Mini Eldenberry Handmade Leather Shoulder Bag


Remember…summer style should be effortlessly chic. It’s easy, breezy, and fun just like the season itself. For all those summer handbag styles, minimalist looks will never fail. At Blondie Mania, you’ll love the minimalist looks that the Saville Bag, Elderberry Bag, Claris Bag, and Arco Bag provide for your summer of fun. Pick your favourite or pick them all!

Saville Handmade Leather Shoulder Bag

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