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Hi Helen

Just a quickie to say thank you very much for my gorgeous Petrolina bag. It has arrived and it is beautiful.


My bag arrived today and is absolutely beautiful, thank you. I have been a big fan of Blondie Mania bags for a long time, and started with the Petrolina moving through several other designs. Thank you so much.


The Morellino bag has arrived and Janet is just delighted with it - it has even had an immediate outing to John Lewis to show it off. Thank you so much for ensuring her wishes came to fruition - it was exactly what she wanted for a special wedding anniversary. It is absolutely superb - lovely, quality leather and perfect workmanship - a real credit to your company.


I love this leather back pack, it was love at first sight. This was my Christmas present to myself after back surgery and it brings a smile to my face each time I see the flash of the pink lining. ... and you were right, I kept the length on the straps as it hangs beautifully. Julia


Just received your gold wallet and I absolutely LOVE it.  Thank you so so much and it feels even more special because it has been handmade for me !!
Thank you


Many thanks for the hold-all...it's fabulous and I'm sure will be a handsome addition to our travels. I'm sorely tempted to get the smaller one for myself 
Kind regards


Thank you Gerard I have received my purse and I love it more so, knowing it was handmade for me

Thanks again 



I LOVE MY BAG, it arrived this morning and is just gorgeous, the colour is amazing, I have 5 or your bags now woohoo, as always fantastic quality


I received my Mini Marmara bag yesterday and it is as equally beautiful as the Citrus Petrolina bag I purchased from you last year.


Thank you soooo much for my chocolate brown Limeira bag, which arrived
today. This is my 5th Blondie Mania bag and I am absolutely smitten with it. I love the details
and the tactileness of these handbags.

I * Want * and *Need* more bags!! I never knew what a handbag obsession is until
I came across your website and bought the first bag from you.

In an ideal world, I would have all the different styles in all the available colours, plus
a purse - the Caspian to go with each handbag! Well, it may seem an indulgent dream, however, I am working on it!

Last but not least, a Big thank you to Gerard, who patiently guided me per telephone (I had messed
up my online order).


I bought one of your bags 3 years ago and I have used it every day, it looks as good now as it did when I bought it. I have just placed an order and can't wait to receive it. The quality of these bags is excellent, Thank you for all the lovely styles and beautiful colours.



Yipeeeeeee my lovely ruffino bags arrived! Love it, thanks so much, smells lovvverleeee! Have a grand day xx



My lovely Cinta Bag was delivered on my birthday!  It was the perfect choice and I love it; thanks again!



Hi Helen, thank you for all your patience, my beautiful bags have arrived :)



I purchased a Petrolina handbag in Ballyvaughn Ireland on a recent vacation....my PERFECT bag; I could not have designed it better myself!!! I am NOT a handbag collector...one good one and a few dressy smaller ones has always been my way until you came along; you design bags as I want them to be....and when I saw the Petrolina, the substantial shoulder strap, and the nice big size I was smitten; when I touched the bag it was all over....my husband is not used to these type of bag prices (because I don't buy/need/want what we have in America (Coach, Dooney & Bourke etc) he was very surprised that it was something I could not leave in Ireland....he gets it now...I carry it everywhere.


I spotted the Balfour Bag in a small boutique in Ludlow, Shropshire and snapped it up. I have been looking for a Chocolate Brown bag for ages...so difficult to find one in this colour, quality and price. I checked the internet and am delighted to discover the Website with a great choice of bags & accessories. I will definitely  be ordering a purse to match. Grandala will be my first choice for future Handbag purchases.


Received my beautiful bag today thank you, fabulous site, service and delivery excellent...oh..and I will be returning...xx


Just to let you know that the Safi bag arrived home today just before I did. I am very pleased with it, the size is just big enough and it is definitely a lovely chocolate colour so thanks for choosing/ checking that for me and for patiently answering all my questions. My nightmare hunt for a chocolate bag is finally over.


I just wanted to thank you for your great help and advice when I was choosing my bag. I ordered the Spruce and couldn't believe how quickly it arrived. It is so lovely, I definitely made the right choice, it will look fabulous at work as its absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for great customer service and incredibly speedy delivery and most of all a beautiful bag!


Yesterday I bought the Heath bag, I am absolutely delighted with it. The quality is second to none and the signature pink lining is an eye catcher. So happy!


Just to let you know I have received my order! I'd also like to say I'm delighted with my purchases.


Mmmm I received my yummy chocolate brown Petrolina today! I love it, thick squashy luxury leather, well made and roomy. Next day recorded delivery, fantastic service. Thank you so very much! x


Thank you for the most exquisite sky blue Petrolina, perfectly formed and perfectly packaged! Of my five Petrolinas, this is definitely my all-time favourite! Thank you ever so much!


Beautiful Leather, Original, Neat, Deliciously Impressive, Effortlessly Modern, Always Necessary, Indulgent Accessories!


I am a great fan of your designs.  They are practical with lots of pockets and the leather is nice and squidgy to the touch, very satisfying.  Good colour range and thought has gone into the interiors as well.


My Blondie Mania bag lives on my right arm and I don't feel dressed without it! It transforms and completes any outfit. I adore the softness of the natural leather and they are all so unique and make such a stunning statement. Once you own a Blondie Mania bag you are hooked and need another. No woman should be without one! 


I love my Blondie Mania bag - it's like a tardis - small but capacious. It's well designed so I don't damage my back by having it only on one shoulder


I have your Petrolina in the blue which I use for work. I have had it 2 years now and it fits everything! It is stylish, spacious and extremely attractive! I also have your Bailey bucket in the green which I use in the spring. It's a lovely colour and the right size to use on a regular basis. The design is excellent. And finally, I have the red Leones too! It's a nice colour for the winter and it is bigger than it looks! I must say none of your bags look old or worn in all this time! Keep it up!


I love my Blondie Mania bags. They are just the right combination of lovely looking but still functional. They have been well tested now and have proved sturdy enough to survive daily abuse and still look great. My first one must be eight years old now and is still a star bag. I don't even look at other bags now (more time to concentrate on shoes!)


I loved my Blondie Mania bag. It was a stunning colour - bright blue! - and I liked the design very much. However, someone else loved my bag too and stole it from the back of my chair while I was having dinner... it was a very sad day and I still miss it!


Dear Blondie Mania. I love my Blondie Mania handbags because they are stylish, colourful and brilliant quality!  They make an outfit.  Please keep up the good work.


Love the designs and the quality of the leather is far better than much more expensive bags. Beautiful and soft. 


I love my Blondie Mania bag, people often comment . The pink lining looks very classy, rich and vibrant . I will buy again.


I'm lucky enough to have one of your brown Marmara bags and I LOVE it!!! I've had it for over a year now and regularly use it for work as it fits my laptop perfectly and makes commuting on the train much easier. It's good, thick and high quality leather - feel like I could get a lifetime of use out of it! Even now people still comment on my beautiful bag and I have a lot of pleasure in telling them it's from Blondie Mania. The only thing about the bags is that they're quite expensive, but then it does make make purchasing one even more special :-) 


I think they are excellent  . very good value, high quality, not  tacky or showy. very soft leather and importantly excellent lining not seen in other high street bags


I own several bags, but my favorite is Petrolina in the chocolate brown. It was a birthday present to myself while traveling in Northern Ireland. I almost didn't get it, but changed my mind and went back to the store. The strap is great because it's wide. It doesn't fall off of my shoulder. The bag is roomy and is particular useful when traveling as it holds all the usual items, plus my kindle or tablet, and a camera and still has room left over. The leather has actually gotten softer with age. I've had it now for almost three years and it still looks new. I use it regularly and is still all these years later my favorite. 


I have bought many Blondie Mania handbags for some time now. I have not only bought them for myself but for family as well. It is only because I have been extremely satisfied with the quality of the leather that comes with the affordable price that has tempted me to buy these beautiful handbags over and over again. I have recommended them to every one I know.


I have so far! Two bags, two purses and iPhone case and I love them all! I have always loved soft leather, which these all are, beautifully finished to the highest standard. I get comments about them wherever I go! There's such a variety of styles and colours to suit everyone's tastes, everyone should own one! Thank you for making such gorgeous products.


I love my bag, for its high quality and the craftmanship that made it with great care and thoughts. They made it, as I would make it, if I only could. Love the inside, and the thick oily leather.


Just simply love it! Beautiful, really soft leather, high quality & very well made, I have several mulberry bags, but I still prefer to use my Blondie Mania bags, just as well made if not better for a fraction of the cost.thank you


Two years ago I treated myself to a Caspian purse when I saw it in a little boutique here in Devon.  It has been used every day since then and is still looking in fantastic shape. Because of the quality of the leather and how well made it is the Blondie Mania website was my first port of call when I was recently looking for a simple little clutch bag.  It was then that the Isando purse entered into my life!  Just lovely. (The Petrolina is also now firmly on my ever growing wish list for next birthday/christmas/boyfriend-in-the-doghouse!) All I can say is, I hate you Blondie Mania for making such utterly gorgeous leather bags and purses!!! :o) Keep up the fantastic work.  There is no such thing as having too many bags.


I just LOVE it, the only brand I would buy online without feeling it or seeing it first, just gorgeous.


I bought my Marmara bag three years ago; I was looking for a bag for work that would be big enough to carry everything I needed for my daily commute to work but had style and was not a traditional briefcase.  This bag has more than met my requirements and surpassed my expectations.  I have abused my bag, I regularly fill it to bursting with papers and files, as well as my Ipad and other general paraphernalia.  I do give it a light polish from time to time and the leather still looks really good. But more than that, I love how this bag looks! I work as an accountant, and didn't want the bag I carry to be traditional or too formal, I'd don't want to conform to  the stereotype.  I am now considering buying another bag from the range, now I have found the website. Thank you.


I  am now the proud owner of two Blondie Mania bags. I love your unique designs the bold colours and the exceptional quality of the buttery leather. The bags don't just look and feel fabulous they are roomy and comfortable to wear!!


I first came across you by chance, I was in Wales for the weekend & visited Port Merion. One of the shops there was selling one of your bags, a very lovely soft brown satchel. I think I have now bought 5 bags, 3 for myself! When I have spoken to you, you have been very helpful & even 'met me half way' when I missed a discount opportunity. This attitude has made me come back to you & in fact you were the first place I looked for bags as Christmas present options. One thing I have realised while writing this is that I trust your descriptions & I have confidence in the quality of what I am buying, without seeing it first. Items are always sent well wrapped & promptly, I have never had issue with any of the bags I have bought. Overall I am extremely happy with the service I have received from you & the quality of your products.


My thoughts on Blondie Mania bags are that they are beautifully crafted and hard wearing (I bought one for my Mum about 3 years ago, she uses it everyday and it still looks great).  The leather is so soft and I love the chocolate brown colour (I have 2 bags in that colour) - it's so versatile, so smart and looks great with everything.  The pink lining gives it a pop of colour too - always nice when you open it up! I've also found your customer service extremely helpful when wanting to exchange an item.  The bags are perfect!


Hi I adore my Blondie Mania bag- it's so soft and stylish yet practical - I always get comments when I take it out.


My Lenasia bag is the most hardworking item in my wardrobe –  really adaptable and even though it takes a battering it looks just as fab as ever – I’m completely smitten!


I have 4 Blondie Mania bags, all of which are excellent quality.  My favourite is the Petrolina which I have had for 2 years.   I use it every day and the leather looks better and better as it ages and softens. A great size for commuting up to London with every day. Beautiful, stylish, cool rivets and still smells strongly of leather. Very exclusive


I've got a large weekend bag, and a small and a large handbag so I'm a bit of a fan!  I particularly like the range of colours, and the fact that some of them are quite unusual, as well as the fact that leather is so soft. All in all, stylish and well-made bags.


I have recently purchase the Marmara bag teal green color for my wife. I have to say I was really impressed with the quality of the product as well as the attention to detail. It gives the feeling that it will last forever! Congratulations! I definitely will buy again from you!


I just love my Blondie Mania bag could do with a few more in all those lovely colours.


These bags are such high quality (I have a few!) the only problem is which one to choose!!


I've probably been one of your best customers over the years, either buying direct from your website or via Meera at The Lounge in Lewes. I love your designs and the quality of the product. I'm tall, of average build and like to have the option of carrying a bag on my shoulder. Currently have Saville, Hickory and my Cimarron backpack which comes out every weekend and l always use on holiday. Somehow I've ended up with all brown bags.  I think my next purchase might be Cinta especially if you did it in burgundy or black for the winter. Keep up the good work.


Like a faithful friend, she's always by my side; she's big enough to carry all my 'stuff'; I can take her anywhere - out to dinner with a client and she won't let me down by being too frivolous, drinks with friends, and she doesn't grab the limelight; on a trip with my son and she's able to find space to both entertain and comfort. She never outshines me, but always compliments my way of dressing and she never fails to make me smile when I look to see what's inside. I love her!


The quality is amazing! I would recommend to anyone xx


My bag is my best friend She is By my side everyday, always looking great whether dressed up for drinks or casual at work. Practical but pretty. Soft but durable and has everything I need right when I need it. I love bags and tend to get bored easily. However, since my Blondie Mania bag I've never thought of cheating. Only once....with another Blondie Mania bag ;-)


The softest of leathers, the most loveliest of colours and styles for every occasion what is there not to love!  I have five and always lusting after others on the web site.  At least six friends have purchased having seen mine.


I never leave the house without a Petrolina.


I love all my Blondie Mania bags! Both of my Laurel bags (brown and grey) have been very well used.  The brown is probably my absolute favourite - it has aged beautifully. My Girona was a treat to myself and is a real classic, much commented on and admired. My brown Tilson has been a fantastic workhorse; capable of carrying a full class of A4 exercise books! My newest mini Berdicchio is delightful and in a lovely purple leather, a great bag for the Spring. I have had my eye on a Cimarron backpack for a long time, I only need to find an excuse! Susan


Hi, I absolutely love and adore my Blondie Mania bag, it is the best bag I have ever bought and I use it constantly, I am waiting for my every day bag to wear out so that I can replace this with a Blondie Mania one too! I love all the colours, and the leather is so soft! Keep up the good work!!


One is not enough! The leather is gorgeous, soft and great quality and the pink lining is so chic - i love how bright it is and that you can see everything inside the bag! Black lining is so dull! I am so proud to carry any one of my various Blondie Mania bags - i won't buy any other brand for myself now. Keep doing what you're doing! Love them :-)


My Petrolina. She's perfect. She's pink. She goes with everything - I never have to think. She's a timeless classic and shows no wear or tear. As the perfect handbag she's beyond compare.


I have just received my delivery, and cautiously opened the packaging as you don't always know how an item might truly look from a website picture, and I am totally thrilled with my Arco bag!!! It has more than met my expectations ... stunning colour, which is such a nice change for me, individual style and excellent quality. I won't hesitate to make future purchases.  


I LOVE Blondie Mania bags.  I came across my first bag by chance in a local boutique.  I fell in love with it immediately - it was a beige Petrolina.  Since then I have treated myself to a BM bag each season. I don't look anywhere else!  The leather is gorgeous to the touch and each bag is unique.  My only criticism is that you don't make the bags in beige anymore!! 


Fantastic quality leather, practical design and fab colours to match any outfit. Great!


A bag for every taste and occasion made with quality materials and a personal touch xx


Excellent quality, great range of colours and styles, a bag for every occasion :)


Hi, I'm just writing to say how much I love my 3 Blondie Mania bags - Giselle in black, Vienne in brown and Leones in green.  They age beautifully and I always feel very stylish when using them.  The pink insides are particularly lovely!


I love my bag, currently I'm using the Rufino bag.  The leather is beautiful to look at and hold,  it's been caught in the rain and held up well.  The pink interior is fun and feminine.  All the extra pockets are just what I need for my lifestyle (how did you know?).  The handles and zips very hard wearing, while still looking stylish.


My Blondie Mania bag goes with me everywhere, it is my constant companion.  It is admired and lusted over by all who see and I get to bathe in its glory - lucky me!


I think Blondie Mania bags are fabulous.  I have five (!) and they are fantastically useful for all occasions.  They are extremely high quality for a fairly reasonable price. When ordering on line, the service is quick and efficient, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Blondie Mania to all my friends - in fact I do already!  As I type I can smell that beautiful Blondie Mania leather.


Well, it’s your fault, you’re to blame ..... I’ve developed a serious and irreversible addiction to Blondie Mania bags after getting my first one a while ago and I now have several and several more on my wishlist ..... the thick, soft leather, the gorgeous colours, the diversity of styles and sizes, the beautiful finishing inside and out ...... I NEED THEM ALL


I bought the tan Petrolina bag in summer and it just seems to get look better every time I use it, I am constantly asked where I got it and I really like the fact that I'm not just another 'Bayswater' zombie in the City of London. I take it everywhere and in the sea of handbags that is currently my wardrobe, this one trumps them all. I recently treated my self to the Olive Rufino bag for those times when I need something a little smaller, it's beautiful.


Really delighted with my new bag it is luxurious looking, an asset to any woman's wardrobe and good value. I would certainly recommend you to the female population. It has been admired by my friends  Anne


Love love love Blondie Mania bags!! In my opinion they are such superb quality leather and modern yet practical designs.  They feel and look like pure luxury….I highly recommend them to my friends…and anyone who will listen! I keep looking when I have a few spare pennies…


Hi Guys, Just wanted to say that my wife received the Bag for her Birthday and is absolutely thrilled. She loves the Sky Blue colour and the quality of leather is fantastic. We’ve since bought the purse to go with the bag. Thanks for bringing a big smile to her face. Richard.


Instantly recognisable styling - sophisticated and fun. A bag to suit every mood!


I love my Blondie Mania bag because it is fabulous! Feels wonderful; looks wonderful; IS wonderful!


Fantastic quality leather, practical design meaning it is a pleasure to use my Blondie Mania Petrolina bag.


I love your bags and now own quite a few. I am hoping for more red bags in the future - my favourite and they go with so many things. I get more comments about my red bag than any other. Many thanks for a wonderful product


I have just received the marmara bag it is perfect! Congratulations to you for making this high quality and beautiful product I think it will last a lifetime!
Thanks also for the little surprise present the case for smartphone. I will certainly shop again from you.


The Sachel Bag I ordered is way beyond what I expected…………wonderful thank-you. Many Thanks


I wanted to let you know that I've received my new Heath bag and it exceeds my expectations, especially when the Butterfly wallet I bought at a shop in Cambridge in 2008 fits perfectly in the back outside zipped pocket. Brilliant, well-thought out design!


Hello all at Blondie Mania. Just wanted to let you know my Portland bag arrived today and it's every bit as divine as it looks online. Happy Happy Friday and thank you very much!
Saving up for a Petrolina now....... Love from Judith.


Thanks for your wonderful bags - I have a few of them. Each smells and looks gorgeous. Great value for money. I can't wait to buy another. No need to look anywhere else for a new handbag.


Just a quick thank you for my bag which arrived, as previously advised, yesterday. It is my second Blondie Mania bag (the other one I use every day and adore). A wonderful, quality item and your service is spot on. Many thanks and I look forward to future purchases!


Hubby brought me a chocolate brown Petrolina bag last year love the leather and style, friends always comment on how lovely it is. Hubby has now treated me to a bailey bag, love it. Your bags are simply wonderful.


I just wanted to comment on how fabulously good quality your bags are! I have the Petrolina bag in blue and absolutely love it! I get so many comments on it. My mum bought it for me as a surprise for Christmas after I had seen it in a local shop. I was so happy that i finally had it that I cried a little! Haha silly i know but it’s lovely! I have just ordered another bag from your sale section and am going to buy the laurel bag in violet as soon as I can. Anyway, i just wanted to say keep up the good work as i have never seen such lovely quality, thick leather bags with lovely designs and great colour choice! I am so happy to own one and will definitely be adding to my collection and i always recommend to my friends :)


I bought a large leather handbag for my girlfriend as a Christmas present..... She loved it, the leather is so soft and it's such a well-made handbag!! The pink suede interior is a nice lil touch. I will be coming back for a bag for my mum and sisters.


I bought my previous handbag for £3.99 from a petrol station and have to confess I've never really understood some women's obsession with handbags. That was until I discovered bags by Blondie Mania! Now I'm a total convert and really can't express how amazingly beautiful your bags are. I've just taken delivery of my Emilion and can't stop looking at it, touching it and smelling it. It's just gorgeous and makes me feel like Emilion dollars! Keep up the good work guys!


Hi just to say a big thank you a very quick delivery and I opened the box and found my new bag and purse and love them very much so thank you.


My Violet Petrolina bag arrived yesterday I am delighted with it and can’t wait to use it when I start a new job in a couple of weeks!


Just come back from the Lake District, and while l was there l bought a lovely little bag. Checked out Blondie Mania online and l am really pleased to see l bought a Morellino bag. l fell in love with the bag the minute l saw it and also your website.


This was my first purchase of a Blondie Mania bag. I received my bag the day after i ordered it! So it arrived very quickly. I'm very happy with my bag. When I first discovered Blondie Mania bags I fell in love with them straight away, the leather is so so soft & great quality. I think anyone who buys one of these bags won't regret it, they are a bag for life, and the leather is the softest leather I have EVER felt, it's unbelievable.


I was in the U.K. on a visit from Seattle a few weeks ago and found your Splendid Marmara bag. It was my big splurge for my trip and I LOVE it. I have had tons of comments (even from some men!) I could not be happier....


Just received my second Blondie Mania bag in the post - completely delighted.  Have a number of other designer bags, and in my opinion, these rate as good.


I bought my daughter the Petrolina bag for Christmas. Then my son arrived home and wanted to buy his girlfriend a satchel bag so he bought the gorgeous Marmara in chocolate brown .....lots of Brownie points for that!! Ever since I've been lusting after the Mini Marmara in black and on Saturday I caved in and bought it ...it's fab! So thought you'd like to know you've hooked in a whole family!


Just a quick message to say that I received my Vienne bag this morning (Friday) - I ordered it at 10.30pm on Wednesday night, what amazing service! As for the bag, well, I'm blown away. I think I've a new favourite bag company! The leather is unbelievable - thick, supple, smooshy and it smells fantastic. The attention to detail is amazing, and the bag itself is quirky yet classic. I'd be delighted with the quality if I'd paid £500 - to get a bag as beautiful as this for the price I paid is beyond belief. Yup, I'm hooked! I'll definitely be back for more - Sorry, I'll stop gushing now. Thanks for a lovely bag and fast, friendly service. I shall be spreading the word!


Wow IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks so much. Excellent service, lovely people, gorgeous products!! xx


Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely Butterfly wallet. I ordered it on a Wednesday and it was delivered on the Friday – now that is what I call excellent customer service! I would have no hesitation recommending your company.


Just received my Laurel bag and it is gorgeous.  Can't believe the quality of the leather, perfect size and looks way more expensive than it was.  That's how I like my wardrobe!  Will definitely be returning to the website. Many thanks. 


I just wanted to say your items are fabulous.  I love my handbags and yours far outdo any I have ever had before.  I started off with the Butterfly Wallet and have since bought 2 other handbags.  I just bought my 3rd bag, the Trivento Clutch which is much bigger than I expected and absolutely fabulous, can’t wait for a night out to use it and will definitely be getting it in another colour  Keep up the great work.


Hi just to let you know bought one of your bags from Angel in Easingwold for my Mother... she loved it.. thank you.


The two bags I ordered have just arrived today. I absolutely love mine and the colour and my husband adores his mini Travel bag too. Thank you very much for the wonderful personal service you give, it makes all the difference. For that reason I shall definitely be ordering again in the future.


I have been buying Blondie Mania bags for years from The Bag Shop, Stamford, Lincs. I now have 7 in my collection and love them all, and am constantly being asked where I got them from. I was so pleased to find that you now have an online shop and all my friends are able to get them! Only I now don’t have the excuse of only buying one when I am back in Stamford, I think my collection might be increasing relatively quickly! The leather is so soft, and only gets better with age. Each of my bags has been heavily used, but everyone is still in great condition, and has lasted fabulously! Thank you for creating such beautiful bags, and I look forward each season to what new exciting items you have for me to treat myself to!


I love your products and have recently bought a second one of your bags and my Mum loves her post-box red purse she had for Xmas last year.


Dear Blondie Mania, We were so surprised to receive today a happy package from you! we liked each bag very much! we will recommend everybody Blondie Mania bags only! Thank you very much! God bless the Queen!

Katya and Natasha

I love my bag! it arrived today.  The photos don't do it any justice! the leather is beautiful, thank you


I was stranded for a week in London during due to the ash cloud, lucky I have a good friend from home living in London & she invited me to stay at her house in Newbury. While browsing in Newbury town, went into a new chic boutique and i saw this gorgeous beautiful indigo handbag ... the softness of the leather, lovely indigo blue and absolutely gorgeous soft velvety suede leather lining in pink ...had to have it ! bought Petrolina indigo from the boutique in Newbury and absolutely love it ! now all my friends in Kuala Lumpur complementing & keep asking me about the bag when they see it on my arms :))) I'm so glad you are also online...will be ordering soon !


Thanks so much for the bag. i ordered it on Friday, received it Monday! It’s lovely, I will be coming back to you again.


The Marmara bag arrived today! It looks beautiful and I'm so happy :-) Thank you very much!


I bought one of your bags at the Dartington Cider Press and it is lovely, so happy I found it and am sure I will be buying more. Great quality and excellent price.


Hi, my boyfriend bought me the Marmara bag from fenwicks to celebrate a new job, woo! I absolutely love it, the leather and quality is amazing!!


I’d just like to say a huge THANK YOU for making and designing such beautiful handbags …. The quality and softness of the leather, colour and design is second to none and worth every penny …. I am totally hooked ! So far I have purchased a red Limeira which is just so versatile - 3 other friends have the same style (thankfully all different colours) !!! The blue Coppelia who gets lots of attention when I take her out !!! And finally I bought a black Cascavel for my girlfriend for her birthday – I loved it so much I bought one for myself as well !! The delivery is fantastic as well and usually arrives the next day….
Keep up the fantastic work you and your team are doing ..


Hello, I have just received my lovely Maipo bag today, it's so beautiful.  The delivery is super quick too!  Thank you very much!  I will be letting all my friends know about your website!!


Hello, I forgot to mail and let you know I got my bag. It is perfect. I have had to give your web address to lots of admirers! Thanks again.


Hi, Just wanted to say thanks very much for the bag that was delivered to me on Monday – really pleased with it. Gorgeous colour, beautiful soft leather and totally funky! Look forward to making more purchases!


I would just like to say thank you for the quick, prompt service I have recently received. I ordered a handbag and it has arrived today, I love it, the quality etc is fabulous.

Thanks again,


Have just received my handbag ~ am delighted with the speed of delivery and the design/quality of the product. I will certainly shop with you again!


I just wanted to say a big Thank You I have just purchased my first Blondie Mania bag which is fantastic.  I have a large collection of bags but the leather on my Blondie Mania bag is second to none as is the style and design.  It may be my first but certainly not my last keep up the good work in the meantime I will keep a close "look out" for new designs. Thank You.


Hi. I feel I have to contact you to say a big thank you for producing such lovely bags. I was a staunch 'The Bridge' bag addict previously, but since finding your bags (only this Christmas) I already have the Petrolina in Red and the isando wallet to match. I have also purchased the Montana in Chocolate all from a local stockist in Welshpool Mid Wales - not bad seeing the first bag was bought on Christmas Eve! I have also just seen the Emilion which you have on sale but think I must wait before getting another - Over £300 in one month is enough - but February is nearly here. Thanks and please keep on producing such fine products.


I have just received delivery of the RAFAEL handbag that I ordered on Sunday - it's lovely. Thanks again


I have recently purchased (well my husband has, as it was a birthday present) one of your bags (the Rufino bag in lime). Just to say I love the feel of the soft leather and know it will be a pleasure to wear it.


Hi, Thank you for the quick delivery of the bag, I was really pleased with the quality and the style.... I often look at ladies handbags and Google the make, I know it's rather sad but that’s how I found you, as I normally buy Radley but fancied a change....... Thanks again.


Hi, I have just received my third delivery of Blondie Mania bags and I am delighted with the style and quality of all my orders.


Hi, I have Petrolina, which I bought in Islington. I love her but you are right, she gets all the attention!


Hi there, Just letting you know that I received the bag. Thank you very much, its lovely. Thank you very much.


Hi, I got my beautiful bag this morning, I love it! Thank you.


Hi, have just received the Renoir bag in purple from you and am really pleased. I am looking for a smaller top-handle handbag in the same shade of purple. Do you have any other bags in this colour (as I really love it!). Thanks very much.


Hello ,simply amazing best Christmas present I’ve ever received love it and will cherish it for ever. p.s . u have my dream job guys making quality leather goods. Best wishes and good luck for 2009 wish u every success. Would love to hear from u if u ever have a vacancy loll well we can all dream eh.


Dear Staff at Blondie Mania, The Chamonix purple bags I ordered have arrived. They are beautiful. Love the original styling and the wonderful colour. Practical and stylish. I'm about to order another! I'll also be ordering a larger bag (or 2!). Thank you for keeping me advised about delivery and for designing such great bags.


Hi, Love your handbags and have quite a few...gorgeous leather. Many thanks.


Hello ... when in the UK in Feb ... I bought one of you bags .... love it..... I met a lady in a cafe, and admiring her bag was how I learned..... the bag was of the Da Vinci style.


Dear Lovely People at Blondie Mania. I love your Giselle bag which I purchased from Narberth in Pembrokeshire last August. The leather is just gorgeous and the bag just wonderful.


Hi, My husband bought me one of your bags for Christmas I love it. Thank you.