Tips for Keeping Your Handmade Leather Bag Organised

The right handmade leather bag doesn’t just pull your ensemble together…it helps you tote along all those essentials. Because not everything comes with pockets. And when your clothing does feature them, they’re usually too tiny to offer up enough space to contain anything at all.

 But let’s talk about that handbag, shall we? How long does it take you to find something you need inside of it? If you’re constantly holding up the queue to search for your cash, wallet, cards, or that pen you swore you had in there this morning, then these handbag organising tips are for you!

- Look for bags with internal pockets

No matter the size of the handmade leather bag you choose, consider what’s on the inside. Zippered pockets and mobile phone holders are a must. These keep your most important items from tumbling around inside the bag wherever you go so you won’t be floundering around searching for what you need.

- Get more versatility from smaller bags

Small bags aren’t just for evenings out. They can be used to help organise your smaller items within bigger bags. This makes it even easier to change your handbags according to your outfits instead of sticking with the same one every day. Plus, you’ll never forget your driver’s license or wallet with this tip!

- Choose a bag that has more space for your needs

If you like the idea of using a gorgeous evening bag within a larger bag, then you’ll certainly want to pick a big handmade leather bag with plenty of space on the interior. Some of you might be toting a laptop and A4-sized files for work. Others of you will be toting nappies, wipes, and everything mums need when they’re out and about with kids.

And yes, we know there will be some of you that will have both the laptop and the baby along for your adventure. When you have all these things, it requires a bag that can seamlessly fit it all in, giving everything a proper place. Changing bags never have that luxurious and classy look, so whether you’re with your little one or not, you can always have room to tote those necessary items for work, babies, and yourself too.

Which Handbags are Best for Organising Your Essentials?

At Blondie Mania, we are centred around providing top-quality handmade leather bags with the softest leathers you’ll ever find. We make fashion and organisation fun with colourful pink lining and beautiful hand-stitched detailing.

So, if it’s small you want, look for our Juniper or Isando handmade leather bags that look graceful by night but can be tucked into a larger bag to help you keep  organised.


For a bigger handmade leather bag that makes workdays more fashionable with plenty of room for your laptop, try the Marmara.

Our Heath or Petrolina bags will make you feel stylish without forgetting anything when you’re out with the kids too. With gorgeous, high-quality handmade leather bags for every occasion, Blondie Mania has you covered for staying organised in style!


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